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Welcome to the EZFlash Wiki on Sosukes.

The intention of this wiki is to provide infomation on EZFlash products and their usage as well as general information and history on subjects such as Emulation (of and on the handhelds), flash carts, clean roms, multimedia (video,music,pictures...) with the GBA/DS and hopefully give you a general introduction to the handheld "scene" as well as define terms you may see thrown about and wish to understand.

Featured Articles

EZFlash V Tutorial - A walkthrough for new EZ-Flash V owners. (Traduction Française | Russian Version)

ALL YOU NEED FOR EZV - Everything you need to use the EZV.

EZFlash IV Tutorial - A walkthrough for new EZFlash owners, or those looking to purchase EZ Products!

Flash Carts - An introduction and brief history.

The "scene" - What it is and what you want to know!

Multimedia - How to view Video, Music, Text and Pictures on your GBA and DS.

Clean roms - What clean roms are, and how to make sure your backups are playable. *Outdated for DS*

EZFlash compatibility Want to see if something works with an EZFlash product, check here for details

Developers page - If you want to develop code for the GBA/DS using the features of EZFlash products or you just want to know a little bit more this page should help point you in the right direction.

DLDI - DLDI is a feature of most newer DS (and some GBA) homebrew that allows easy FAT access to cards. Older cards can also use the FCSR to allow reading. *Out dated*

Articles you shall likely want to read

EZFlash V
EZPass 3
EZFlash IV FAQ/Usage Guide

Passme variants, Flashme, WifiMe, Nopass
Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance
EZFlash Vendors

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Things you can do with your GBA/DS and flash cart hardware
EZFlash compatibility Want to see if something works with an EZFlash product, check here for details
Emulation Want to play other systems games, check here.
EZFlash Products: What there is and what they do
EZ Application Translations F-br.png F-es.png F-fr.png F-de.png F-it.png

Cheats (making and usage) with your EZFlash equipment
The more advanced features of EZFlash Products (SMS,skinning etc)
Definition of terms used

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A wiki is a project in constant state of change/need of update (things happen in the world after all), so should you be able to contribute any infomation that you feel is missing please do so.

Check out Help if you want to know more.

If you want to help but don't know where to start, take a look at the To do list.

Thanks and Contributions.

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.